The All In One Bar Soap!

It’s not every day you discover a bar soap that makes you think, “Wow, what have I been using all these years?!” We at sudHeadz want you to know, we got bar soap for days! Don’t like bars of soap? Well … why? bar soap is like normal soap, but better! It feels like having someone scratch your back. However, instead of dirty fingernails, it’s bar soap! Imagine how refreshing it is to have bar soap clean and lather on your skin while taking a gentle, warm (or cold if you're into that...) shower.

Not getting the hint? This is THE all in one bar soap. My hint is this; buy our bar soap! I think you get the hint. But wait! You have to know this: normally bar soap is only available at farmers' markets or local businesses. We know this because we used bar soap since the dawn of time! Therefore, we know how frustrating it can be to go to a store that carries great bar soap but cost an arm and a leg. You shouldn’t be paying so much for bar soap! That is where sudHeadz comes in. We offer not only fantastic bar soap at a fraction of the price. You could have bar soap shipped directly to your house every month! Automatically! AND PAY NO SHIPPING! I’m not joking. Buy a bar of sudHeadz’ bar soap today, and begin your journey!