About sudHeadz

We Will Clean the World, One Bar At A Time 

About The Founder

Christopher Austin has always battled sensitive skin. He not only had trouble finding the perfect product, he never seemed to have time to shop for it. One day he decided to solve this problem. sudHeadz works to deliver top-notch bars of oatmeal soap in the most convenient way possible, a monthly subscription. At sudHeadz, we also have a social conscious. We believe in helping our customers, community, and environment. Our customers by developing a high quality all natural product, our community by always taking advantage to donate bars, and our environment by using 100% recycled materials for our labeling. At sudHeadz we will clean the world, one bar at a time.

Soap Has One Purpose: 

How can you get clean when your soap isn't? Ohh the conundrum! You see, we’re tired of chemicals and cheap exfoliating additives that just dry our skin or clog it with oils, leaving us covered in some kind of grit. And let's face it; it probably is not all that good for our environment. So, we decided to make a move and offer an affordable alternative!

We Created Our Soap For One Reason: 

Cleaning up has to start with the object that cleans you! All natural soap with oatmeal to exfoliate and vitamins to moisturize your skin is all you need.

Any Questions?

Feel free to email us at sudheadz@gmail.com.
You can also visit us on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube.