spend less time in the aisle. spend more time getting wet.

things are get'n steamy.


say Goodbye to :

Itchy Dry Sensitive Skin, Parabens and Chemicals, Over Produced Products, Low Quality Ingredients, Animal Cruelty, Colors and Dyes

and welcome :

Thick Sudz, Soothing Exfoliation, Vitamin E, USA Made, All Natural Ingredients, Nourished and Rejuvenated Skin, Small Business FTW

our story.

the reviews came in :

Emi L.

Good Value! This is a *great* soap! Two of my kids have sensitive skin, so I’ve been looking for something that’s gentle and that still does the job.

Ms. L

FINALLY! IVE FOUND WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ! Absolutely love this product ! Great moisturizer, Great for sensitive skin. Lots of suds! Rinses off leaving a very soft smooth clean feeling.

Carolyn T.

I absolutely LOVE this soap...great lather, and it rinses off leaving a fresh clean feeling...I've honestly never used such a great soap, cleans better than Dove soap...I would highly recommend!

L. Lawrence

They got barz! Great sudz without drying your skin, very moisturizing and no strong scents...will definitely purchase again.


Having eczema a lot of soaps tend to dry out my skin but this one leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed! This brand is not only free of harsh chemicals but it smells so clean!

D. Bass

Great soap that leaves your skin moisturized. It works great for treating my eczema. I will purchase more. Excellent all natural product.