More Than Just Food: Oatmeal Benefits For Skin

No matter who you ask about a healthy diet, one omnipresent food item you would find in all recommendations is oatmeal. That’s because oatmeal is a powerhouse of nutritional benefits. But did you know that oatmeal is a superfood for your skin as well? It loves your skin as nothing else can. From getting rid of acne to keeping your skin healthy and supple, oatmeal is a multi-talented ingredient.  


Dive in to know all the ways this superfood benefits your skin.  


Helps in acne control 


If you are plagued with acne, then look no further than your humble oatmeal. Acne is nothing but clogged pores. Oatmeal is full of saponins, a chemical compound famed for its cleansing activity. It also contains zinc that reduces inflammation and helps control acne-causing bacteria. Oatmeal is all your skin needs  to de-clog your pores and keep acne at bay.  



Best for dry and sensitive skin 


Owing to its gentle and nourishing properties, oatmeal is suitable for all skin types. However, for people with dry and sensitive skin, oatmeal is even more beneficial. Its anti-inflammatory and emollient properties make it highly appropriate for sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. The mild pH of oatmeal aids in cooling rashes and other inflammation. It is also rich in proteins and lipid making it a preferred choice for people with dry skin. Oatmeal is also very good to soothe the itching associated with dry skin due to the presence of antioxidants.  


Natural exfoliator  


Our skin is its own doctor. It naturally exfoliates the accumulation of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells every 28 days or so. With time, the process of natural sloughing of the skin gets slowed down making it appear dull and lackluster. Thanks to saponins oatmeal is a natural exfoliator and gently removes dead skin cells unearthing a brand new, fresh skin glowing with youth.   




Moisturizer par excellence  


The supple, firm skin that you so love is all due to the moisture content that your skin maintains. External environmental stresses coupled with the sway of time adversely impact the moisture retention ability of your skin. Oatmeal has excellent moisturizing qualities. Regular application of oatmeal on your skin ensures that your skin remains hydrated. The beta-glucan helps lock the natural moisture of your body by creating a film over your skin and doesn’t let the moisture escape.  


Natural deep cleanser 


Who doesn’t love good, clean skin radiating with a youthful look? What if we tell you that you need to chuck that fancy cleanser in the dustbin and pick up oatmeal if you desire clean and bright skin? Saponins (yes that magical compound yet again) is a tremendous natural cleanser. It penetrates to the depth of your skin and cleanses it from within. The end product? A skin that is free of all dirt and shines with health.  


How to apply oatmeal? 


Now that you know that oatmeal has immense skin-loving properties, let us tell you how to apply it for the best results. The World Wide Web is replete with recipes of oatmeal pastes and other products like oatmeal masks for your skin. We would however recommend that you use an oatmeal soap. These exfoliating bar soaps are the gentlest of cleansers and exfoliators that you would come across. Take these four steps towards cleaner and brighter skin. 


Ø Moisten your face with lukewarm water 

Ø Apply the oatmeal soap on your skin in a gentle circular motion 1 

Ø Rinse your face with lukewarm water 

Ø Pat dry your face.  



Oatmeal is your answer for a beautiful and resplendent skin. Go grab that oatmeal soap and see your skin transform from dull and dry to supple and soft in a matter of a few washes. 


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